Vaibhav Nidhi India Limited

VAIBHAV NIDHI INDIA LIMITED head quartered at Jaipur being an organization enrolled under the Companies Act 2013, goes under the supervision of the Ministry of Company Affairs. Nidhi’s have many components which make it unique in relation to other Non-Banking Financial Institutions working under the rules of Reserve Bank Of India. Mr. Arun Agarawal is the Director of Vaibhav Group, under his direction and diligent work, our organization got the permit by the Government of India and announced as the VAIBHAV NIDHI INDIA LIMITED enrolled under the Section 406 of the Companies Act 2013 and was as of late settled in the year 2016. Mr. Arun Agarawal has a rich 13 years involvement in Finance area and a notable Financer over the India.

We have 13+ Years of Experiences

About Us

The word Nidhi implies TREASURE however in Indian Financial Sector it implies Permanent Fund, Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company told by the Central/Union Government as a Nidhi Company. The advances are given at sensible rates for the reasons like house development and repair and are secured at the larger amount.

VAIBHAV NIDHI INDIA LIMITED is shaped with the point of developing the propensity for thrift, funds, working for the member’s benefit by keeping and loaning according to the rules of MCA.

Our Commitment

We trust in building an inner outside client relationship. If you have an ability for progress, we will bring you up and give the fundamental and required apparatuses and prepare to construct long haul customer relationship and a satisfying profession. We esteem our kin and attempt to make a domain to draw in and bring them up. We will give every last worker a chance to develop and hone them to understand their full forthcoming. In the group we live and work VAIBHAV NIDHI INDIA LIMITED perceives its duty to reinforce it. With our constant endeavors and diligent work, we meaning to accomplish more prominent tallness and astounding outcomes that have an apparent effect.

Our Mission & Vission

VAIBHAV NIDHI INDIA LIMITED fused as a Nidhi, with the protest of developing the propensity for thrift and sparing among its individuals, getting store from and loaning to its individuals just, for their shared advantage. We are anticipating the future to make more prominent advantages to our individuals. We likewise endeavored to adjust the quickly developing worldwide keeping money changes. With years of our die hard faithfulness the country in all sections of the economy, Trade and Commerce, Banking, ITEs is keeping pace with the evolving condition. Our Mission and Vision is to give our individuals rectify approach to accomplish all their short and long haul monetary objectives and the normal advantage preferred standpoint of every one of their Members/Share holders. Our organization adage is to urge part’s enthusiasm to accomplish their social and financial change through shared understanding with co-agent standards.

Frequently Asked Question

Nidhi organization is one that has a place with the non-saving money Indian Finance division and is perceived under segment 620A of the Companies Act, 2013. Their center business is acquiring and loaning cash just between their individuals. They are otherwise called Permanent Fund, Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company. It is controlled by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Hold Bank of India is enabled to issue headings to them in issues identifying with their store acknowledgment exercises. Nonetheless, in acknowledgment of the way that these Nidhi's arrangement with their investor individuals as it was. Nidhi Company is administered by Nidhi Rules, 2014.
The fundamental of Nidhi Company:
  1. Nidhi Company is likewise called a Mutual Benefit organization. It advances the specialty of sparing and usage of assets inside its part group.
  2. Anyone can enroll a Nidhi Company; there is no historical verification, nor there did any recommend capability for its proprietors.
  3. Nidhi Company can't manage anyone other than its individuals. You should comprehend the way toward making a Nidhi organization.
  4. The base capital prerequisite for Nidhi Company is five lacs with no less than seven individuals expected to consolidate an organization.